Montage showing four photographs side by side. On the far left is a photo of three older white men and one young white student, in front of a laboratory equipment. The second photo shows the same student, slightly older, next to another young white men, in front of what looks like giant computers. The third photo shows this same student, now a middle-aged balding man, next to a laser apparatus. The final, fourth photo shows that same student, now a white-haired professor, looking through a magnifying lens, next to a younger student. On the background of this montage lay four newspaper covers, from 1980, 1985, 1990, and 2022.
grey background with blobs in orange, blue, pink and green, and the words "Physics" in stylized letters
Physics for the Future

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Known for our award-winning faculty and research, Duke's Department of Physics includes a nationally-recognized doctoral program, and offers undergraduate degrees in physics and biophysics. Our research – focused in 11 key areas – is internationally well recognized and focused on the scientific challenges of the 21st century. As part of Duke’s highly collaborative approach to research, we have established faculty labs and research groups where our faculty and students work closely with other departments across the University, as well as with academic institutions and major research facilities nationally and abroad.

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