Former and Current Faculty

Charles W. Edwards Chair 1924-1937  
  Professor 1924-1944  
Charles C. Hatley Professor 1924 - 1953  
Walter M. Nielsen Assistant Professor 1925-1937  
  Chair 1938-1961  
  James B. Duke Professor 1946-1966  
  Professor Emeritus 1966-1981 +
David W. Carpenter Instructor 1929 -  
  Assistant Professor: Information on dates is lacking    
  Associate Professor 1946-1948  
  Professor 1948-1973  
  Professor Emeritus 1973-1985 +
Frank Woodbridge Constant Assistant Professor 1930-1943  
  Associate Professor 1943-1946  
James Carlyle Mouzon Instructor 1932-end of 1930's  
Hertha Sponer Professor 1936-1965  
  Professor Emeritus 1966-1968 +
Lothar W. Nordheim Professor 1937-1956  
  worked on Manhattan project, Oak Ridge, during World War II    
Walter M. Gordy Associate Professor 1946-1948  
  Professor 1948-1958  
  James B. Duke Professor 1958-1979  
  Professor Emeritus 1979-1985 +
W. V. Smith Assistant Professor 1946-1948  
  Associate Professor 1948-1951  
Eugene Greuling Assistant Professor 1948-1950  
  Associate Professor 1950-1951  
  Professor 1963-1975 +
Henry Newson Professor 1948-1968  
  Director, Nuclear Structure Laboratory and in 1968, TUNL 1961-1978  
  Chair, Physics Department 1973-1975  
  J. B. Duke Professor 1968-1978 +
Fritz London James B. Duke Professor (Physics and Chemistry) 1949-1954 +
Harold W. Lewis Assistant Professor 1950-1956  
  Associate Professor 1956-1959  
  Professor 1959-1986  
  Vice Provost and Dean 1963-1981  
  Chair 1981-1986  
  University Distinguished Service Professor 1983-1986  
  Professor Emeritus 1986-2000 +
P. Wang Visiting Professor 1950-1951  
Eugene Merzbacher Visiting Asst. Professor 1951-1952  
Martin M. Block Assistant Professor 1952-1957  
  Associate Professor 1957-1961  
William M. Fairbank Associate Professor 1952-1959  
R. M. Williamson Instructor, Research Associate 1952-1953  
  Assistant Professor 1953-1958  
  Associate Professor 1959-1961  
T. D. Reynolds Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Dept. of Education) 1953-1955  
Michael. J. Buckingham Visiting Assistant Professor 1956-1959  
M. M. Duncan Visiting Assistant Professor 1956-1958  
M. H. L. Pryce Visiting Professor 1957-1958  
Horst Meyer Assistant Professor 1959-1960  
  Associate Professor 1960-1964  
  Professor 1964-1984  
  F. London Professor 1984-2005  
  F. London Professor Emeritus 2005-2016 +
Hermann Robl Adjunct Professor 1959-1991 +
Lawrence C. Biedenharn Professor 1961-1991  
  J. B. Duke Professor 1987-1992  
  J. B. Duke Professor Emeritus 1992-1996 +
D. R. Tilley Visiting Assistant Professor 1961-1963  
  Assistant Professor 1963-1966  
Roger Barton Lecturer 1963-1968  
Edward G. Bilpuch Assistant Professor 1963-1966  
  Associate Professor 1966-1971  
  Professor 1971-1988  
  Professor and Director, TUNL 1989-1991  
  H. W. Newson Professor 1991-1997  
  H. W. Newson Professor Emeritus 1997-2012 +
Lawrence E. Evans Assistant Professor 1963-1968  
  Associate Professor 1968-1980  
  Professor 1980-2000  
  Chair 1988-1997  
  Professor Emeritus 2000-present  
Henry A. Fairbank Professor 1963-1988  
  Chair 1963-1974  
  Professor Emeritus 1988-2011 +
Lloyd Fortney Assistant Professor 1963-1970  
  Associate Professor 1970-1987  
  Professor 1987-1999 +
Earle Fowler Professor 1963-1970  
Russell Roberson Assistant Professor 1963-1968  
  Associate Professor 1968-1974  
  Professor 1974-1998  
  Director, TUNL 1992-1996  
  Professor Emeritus 1998-present  
Hugh Robinson Associate Professor 1963-1970  
  Professor 1970-1995  
  Professor Emeritus 1995-present  
Ichiro Miyagawa Assistant Professor 1963-1965  
David S. Onley Assistant Professor 1963-1965  
Charles Rika Lecturer 1963-1964  
Dwight Saylor Assistant Professor 1963-1964  
Richard L. Walter Assistant Professor 1963-1967  
  Associate Professor 1967-1974  
  Professor 1974-2004  
  Professor Emeritus 2004-present  
Robert A. Guyer Instructor 1964-1966  
  Assistant Professor 1966-1969  
Lukas Schaller Lecturer 1964-1965  
William Beres Assistant Professor 1965-1969  
Dwight Carpenter Assistant Professor 1965-1972  
Earle Hunt Assistant Professor 1965-1969  
Michael Danos Visiting Professor 1966-1968  
Morris Davis Adjunct Professor 1966-1969  
Max Huber Assistant Professor 1966-1969  
David Morris Adjunct Professor 1966-1967  
Morris Binkley Assistant Professor 1967-1970  
Robert A. Cook Assistant Professor 1967-1970  
Moo-Young Han Assistant Professor 1967-1971  
  Associate Professor 1971-1978  
  Professor 1978-2011  
  Professor Emeritus 2011-2016  +
Ray Poore Assistant Professor 1967-1970  
Carol M. Rose, Jr. Assistant Professor 1967-1973  
John Sykes Assistant Professor 1967-1974  
Katherine Way Adjunct Professor 1967-1987 +
George S. Hayne Assistant Professor 1968-1969  
Thomas G. Dzubay Assistant Professor 1969-1976  
Nelson Lipshutz Assistant Professor 1969-1970  
Louis Wright Visiting Assistant Professor 1969-1970  
Pieter J. Brussaard Visiting Professor 1970-1071  
Ronald Y. Cusson Associate Professor 1970-1978  
  Professor 1978-1988 + 2014
William D. Walker Professor 1970-1990  
  Chair 1975-1981  
  J. B. Duke Professor 1990-1994  
  J. B. Duke Professor Emeritus 1994-2010 +
Eberhard K. Riedel Assistant Professor 1970-1974  
  Associate Professor 1974-1975  
Frank C. DeLucia Assistant Professor 1971-1976  
  Associate Professor 1977-1983  
  Professor 1983-1990  
  Chair 1986-1987  
Rainer Bass Visiting Professor 1971-1972  
Thomas D. Hayward Assistant Professor 1971-1972  
Wayne J. Holman III Visiting Associate Professor 1971-1972  
George R. Reiter Visiting Assistant Professor 1971-1972  
Ronald Blum Adjunct Associate Professor 1972-1973  
Joseph S. Loos Assistant Professor 1972-1976  
Alfred Goshaw Assistant Professor 1973-1978  
  Associate Professor 1978-1984  
  Professor 1984-2000  
  J.B.Duke Professor 2000-present  
Geoffrey Golner Assistant Professor 1974-1975  
Dewey T. Lawson Assistant Professor 1974-1979  
  Adjunct Associate Professor 1983-2000  
  Adjunct Professor 2000-present  
Paul W. Lisowski Assistant Professor 1974-1976  
Sven Maripuu Lecturer 1974-1975  
Zvi Friedman Visiting Assistant Professor 1975-1979  
Fearghus O'Foghludha Adjunct Professor 1975-1993  
Kent Smith Assistant Professor 1975-1979  
Brian Buck Visiting Professor 1977-1978  
Mikael Ciftan Adjunct Professor 1977-2013  
Peter Lucas Assistant Professor 1977-1982  
  Associate Professor 1983-1984  
Charles E. Nelson Assistant Professor 1977-1979  
  Adjunct Assistant Professor 1979-1986  
Richard G. Palmer Assistant Professor 1977-1982  
  Associate Professor 1983-1991  
  Professor of Physics (Secondary appts.: Computer Science, and 1991-2015  
  Psychology and Neuroscience)    
  Professor Emeritus 2015-  
Stephen Wender Assistant Professor 1977-1980  
John Kolena Visiting Assistant Professor 1978-1979  
  Assistant Professor 1979-1980  
  Adjunct Assistant Professor 1981-2001  
  Adjunct Professor 2001-2008  
Henry Weller Visiting Associate Professor 1978-1979  
  Associate Professor 1979-1981  
  Professor 1981-2009  
  Professor Emeritus 2009-present  
Mickey Mukkunda Visiting Professor 1979-1980  
Roger C. Byrd Assistant Professor 1981-1982  
  Assistant Professor 1983-1984  
Bob D. Guenther Adjunct Professor 1981-2017  
Eric Herbst Associate Professor 1981-1985  
  Professor 1985 -1993  
George L. Rogosa Adjunct Professor 1981-2008 +
Robert P. Behringer Assistant Professor 1982-1986  
  Associate Professor 1986-1991  
  Professor 1991-1995  
  J. B. Duke Professor (Secondary appts.: Computer Science, Mechanical 1995-2018+  
  Engineering and Material Sciences)    
  Chair 1999-2002  
Yossef Dothan Visiting Associate Professor 1984-1985  
Seog Oh Assistant Professor 1984-1991  
  Associate Professor 1991-2000  
  Professor 2000-present  
Joan Adler Visiting Assistant Professor 1985-1986  
  Visiting Professor 1996-1997  
Philippe Martin Visiting Associate Professor 1985 -1986  
Laurence B. Meyer Visiting Lecturer 1985-1986  
Werner Tornow Assistant Research Professor 1985-1990  
  Associate Research Professor 1988-1994  
  Research Professor 1994-1999  
  Professor 1999-2011  
  Professor Emeritus 2011-present  
  Director of TUNL 1996-2006  
Calvin Howell Assistant Professor 1986-1992  
  Associate Professor 1992-2001  
  Professor 2001-present  
  Director TUNL 2006-2016  
David Skatrud Adjunct Assistant Professor 1986-1992  
  Adjunct Associate Professor 1992-2000  
  Adjunct Professor 2000-2013  
John Thomas Associate Professor 1986-1991  
  Professor 1991-2006  
  F. London Professor 2006-2011  
  F. London Professor Emeritus 2011-present  
Douglas Holmgren Visiting Assistant Professor 1987-1988  
Donald N. Bittner Visiting Assistant Professor 1987-1988  
Henry Greenside Associate Professor (Joint: Computer Science) 1987-2000  
  Professor 2000-present  
Michael Stroscio Adjunct Professor 1987-2001  
John M. J. Madey Professor and Director of DFELL 1989-1998  
Gerald J. Iafrate Adjunct Professor 1989-1997  
G. Allen Johnson Associate Professor (Joint: Radiology) 1989-1996  
  Professor (Joint: Radiology) 1996-2002  
  Charles E. Putnam Professor (Joint: Radiology) 2002-present  
Stephen Teitsworth Assistant Professor 1989-1995  
  Associate Professor 1995-present  
  Associate Professor and Associate Chair 2009 - present  
Stephen Benson Assistant Research Professor 1990-1992  
Hayward Evans Adjunct Professor 1990-1992  
Max Lohe Visiting Associate Professor 1990-1991  
Robert Brown Visiting Assistant Professor 1990-2006  
  Visiting Professor 2006-2010  
  Lecturer 2010-present  
Berndt Mueller Professor 1990-1996  
  J. B. Duke Professor 1996-present  
  Chair 1997-1999  
  Dean of Natural Sciences 1999-2005  
Alec Schramm Lecturer 1990-1992  
Allan H. Sorenson Visiting Associate Professor 1990-1991  
Leslie E. Bauman Visiting Professor 1991-1992  
Reza Haque Lecturer 1991-2001  
Vladimir Litvinenko Associate Research Professor 1991-1995  
  Assistant Professor 1995-1996  
  Associate Professor 1996-2004  
  Adjunct Professor 2004-2006  
Thomas Phillips Assistant Research Professor 1991-1999  
  Associate Research Professor 1999-present  
Daniel Gauthier Assistant Professor 1992-1998  
  Associate Professor 1999-2002  
  Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Associate Professor 2002-2004  
  Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor 2005-2007  
  Professor of Physics 2007-2011  
  Robert C. Richardson Professor 2011-2015  
  Chair 2005-2011  
  Interim Chair Jan.2015-Aug.2015  
  Research Professor of Physics Aug. 2015 - present  
Henry Everitt Adjunct Assistant Professor 1992-2000  
  Adjunct Professor 2000-present  
Alfred M. Lee Assistant Professor 1992-2000  
Ricardo Pantazis Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Computer Science) 1992-1994  
Joshua Socolar Assistant Professor 1992-1999  
  Associate Professor 1999-2011  
  Professor 2011-present  
Roxanne P. Springer Assistant Professor 1992-2000  
  Associate Professor 2000-2011  
  Professor 2011-present  
David K. Straub Visiting Professor 1992-1993  
  Research Professor 1993-1997  
Abhijit Nagchaudhuri Assistant Research Professor 1994-1995  
Carsten H. Greiner Visiting Assistant Professor 1994-1995  
Patrick G. O'Shea Assistant Professor 1994-1999  
Peter Thompson Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Engineering) 1994-1996  
Wesley Scott Wilburn Lecturer 1994-1996  
John Townsend Visiting Professor 1995-1996  
Atanas Troyanov Adjunct Assistant Professor 1995-1996  
Ludwig DeBraeckeleer Assistant Professor 1996-2002  
Konstantin Matveev Assistant Professor 1996-2000  
  Associate Professor 2000-2005  
Dirk Rischke Visiting Assistant Professor 1996-1997  
Sergei G. Matinian Visiting Professor 1997-2000  
M. Ronen Plesser Assistant Professor 1997-2002  
  Associate Professor 2003-2014  
  Associate Professor and Associate Chair 2003-2006  
  Professor and Professor iin the Program of Education 2014-present  
Paul S. Aspinwall Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 1998-2004  
  Associate Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 2004-2008  
  Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 2008-present  
Andrea Bertozzi Associate Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 1998-1999  
  Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 1999-2004  
  Adjunct Professor 2005-2008  
Shailesh Chandrasekharan Assistant Professor 1998-2004  
  Associate Professor 2004-present  
Eom Chang-Beom Associate Professor (Primary appt.:Electrical and Computer Engineering) 1998-2002  
Brett Hooper Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Biomedical Engineering) 1998-2004  
Ashutosh Kotwal Assistant Professor 1998-2005  
  Associate Professor 2005-2010  
  Professor 2010-2014  
  Fritz London Professor 2014-present  
David Morrison J. B. Duke Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 1998-2008  
Arlie O. Petters William and Sue Gross Associate Professor of Mathematics 1998-2003  
  Benjamin Powell Professor of Mathematics and Physics 2003-2008  
  Benjamin Powell Professor of Mathematics, Physics 2009-present  
  and Business Administration    
Vaclav Vylet Adjunct Assistant Professor 1999-present  
Harold U. Baranger Professor 1999-present  
  Chair 2002-2005  
Glenn Edwards Professor 1999-present  
  Professor, Director DFELL 1999-2008  
Bruce West Adjunct Professor 1999-2013  
Steffen Bass Assistant Professor 2000-2008  
  Associate Professor 2008-2012  
  Professor 2012-present  


Interim Chair 2019-present  
Toni Feder Adjunct Assistant Professor 2000-2004  
Gleb Finkelstein Assistant Professor 2000-2008  
  Associate Professor 2008-2015  
  Professor 2015-present  
Craig Fowler Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Ophthalmology) 2000-2003  
Mark Kruse Assistant Professor 2000-2008  
  Associate Professor 2008-present  
Mary Creason Lecturer 2001-2006 +
Anna Lin Assistant Professor 2001-2008  
William W. McNairy Lecturer 2001-2009  
Ghi R. Shin Visiting Professor 2001-2004  
  Visiting Professor 2007-2008  
Michael Strickland Visiting Assistant Professor 2001-2002  
Ying Wu Assistant Professor 2001-2007  
  Assistant Professor and Associate Director, DFELL 2004-present  
  Associate Professor 2007-2014  
  Professor 2014-present  
Haiyan Gao Associate Professor 2002-2008  
  Associate Chair 2006-2009  
  Professor 2008-2012  
  Henry Newson Professor 2012-present  
  Chair 2011-2015  
Thomas Mehen Assistant Professor 2002-2008  
  Associate Professor 2009-present  
Denis Ullmo Visiting Associate Professor 2002-2005  
Ehsan Samei Assistant Professor,(Primary appt.: Radiology) 2002-2006  
  Associate Professor, (Primary appt.: Radiology 2006-2008  
  Professor (Primary appt.: Radiology and Biomedical Engineering) 2008-present  
Albert M. Chang Professor 2003-present  
Dipangkar Dutta Assistant Research Professor 2003-2006  
  Adjunct Assistant Professor 2007-2009  
Eduardo Mucciolo Visiting Associate Professor 2003-2004  
Igor V. Pinayev Assistant Research Professor 2003-2004  
  Adjunct Assistant Professor 2005  
Kate Scholberg Assistant Professor 2003-2007  
  Associate Professor 2007-2008  
  Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Associate Professor of Physics 2009-2012  
  Professor of Physics 2012-present  
Christopher Walter Assistant Professor 2003-2011  
  Associate Professor 2011-present  
Mohammad Ahmed Assistant Research Professor 2006-2013  
  Adjunct Associate Professor 2013-2017  
Martine Chevrollier Visiting Profesor 2006-2008  
Marcos Oria Visiting Professor 2006-2008  
Anton Tonchev Assistant Research Professor 2007-2011  
  Adjunct Associate Professor 2015-2018  
Karen Daniels Adjunct Assistant Professor 2008-present  
Kang Seog Lee Visiting Professor 2008-2009  
Jian-Guo Liu Visiting Professor 2008-2009  
  Professor of Physics and Mathematics 2009-present  
Jacqueline Krim Visiting Professor 2008-2009  
David Smith Professor (Primary appt.: Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2009-present  
Stefano Curtarolo Associate Professor (Primary appt.: Mechanical Engineering and Material 2009-2012  
  Professor (Primary appt.: Mechanical Engineering and Material Science) 2012-present  
Ayana Tamu Holloway Arce Assistant Professor 2009-present  
Ryohei Yasuda Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Neurobiology) 2009-present  
Matthew Hastings Visiting Professor 2009-2010  
  Associate Professor 2010-2014  
Nicholas Buchler Assistant Professor (Joint: Biology) 2009-present  
Patrick Charbonneau Assistant Professor (Primary appt.: Chemistry) 2009-2015  
  Associate Professor 2015-present  
David N. Beratan Professor (Primary appt.: Chemistry) 2009-present  
Igor Akushevich Adjunct Assistant Professor 2011-2014  
Paul M. Baker Adjunct Assistant Professor 2011-present  
Hubert L. Bray Professor (Primary appt.: Mathematics) 2011-present  
James T. Dobbins III Associate Professor (Primary appt.: Radiology) 2011-present  
Jungsang Kim Associate Professor (Primary appt.: Computer and Electrical Engineering) 2011-present  
Hannah Petersen Visiting Assistant Professor 2011-2012  


John Kelley Visiting Associate Professor 2012-2014  


Warren S.Warren Professor (Primary appt.:Chemistry) Member Duke Cancer institute 2013- present  
  Chair Aug.2015- 2019  
Maiken Mikkelsen Assistant Professor (Joint appt:Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2013-present  
Phillip S. Barbeau Assistant Professor 2014-present  
Sara Haravifard W.M. Fairbank Assistant Professor 2015- present  
Thomas Barthel C.H. Townes Assistant Professor 2015-present  

+ Deceased, while at Duke, in the last year shown, or with indicated year.

* This list may be incomplete or have some inaccuracies. If you know of any corrections that should be made, please contact the webmaster <>