Concentration in Astrophysics

An optional concentration in astrophysics allows students to immerse themselves in contemporary issues such as the nature of dark matter and dark energy, the evolution of the early universe, and the structures, from galaxies to stars, that characterize it today.  The concentration can be earned by taking four astrophysics courses as described below in addition to the major requirements. These courses can also satisfy the elective requirements for the major.

Required courses

  • Physics 305
  • Two or more of the following courses:
    • Physics 555
    • Physics 556 
    • Physics 491/493/495 (independent study) if approved by the DUS as an astrophysics course.

One of Physics 346, 505, 522, 622, 655, or Mathematics 575 may be chosen to fulfill the four-course requirement.


Courses offered by the UNC Department of Physics and Astronomy may also be eligible if approved by the DUS.