Physics Majors & Minor

Why Physics?

You might have wondered how the light goes on when you flip the light switch or thought about whether outer space can be truly empty, or watched a television program about string theory, or browsed through a book about the crazy aspects of quantum mechanics, or had a heated discussion with a friend about the concept of time, or read a news article about the huge black holes that exist at the center of each galaxy, or wondered why clouds have irregular fractal shapes. But is it worth the effort to take a physics course or to become a physics major to learn about these ideas in detail?

It's definitely worth the effort to find out more.  Browse the menu items on the right to learn about requirements and opportunities for majors and minors in physics and biophysics.  If you would like to know more about the Physics degree programs or the concentration in Astrophysics, consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  If you have questions about biophysics, contact the Associate Director of Undergraduate Students.