Fellowships for Majors

In addition to the department fellowships, there are many national scholarships and fellowships for physics students at different stages of their education. All physics majors are encouraged to apply for scholarships and fellowships that they feel are appropriate for them. Most scholarships are offered annually, so if you miss the deadline in one year, you should anticipate that the deadline will be around the same time in the subsequent years and adjust your application plans accordingly. To get you started, some fellowship programs are listed below. 

1. American Physical Society (APS) Fellowships
    Application deadline: early March

2. Homeland Security Scholarships
    Application deadline: mid February

3. APS Minority Scholarship Program
    Application deadline: early February

4. Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program
    Application deadline: early March

5. National Science Foundation: Graduate Research Fellowship Program
    Application deadline: first week of November