Undergraduate Electives

Number Title Codes
PHYSICS 175 Introduction to Physics in Medicine NS
PHYSICS 271L Electronics NS, QS
PHYSICS 320L Optics and Photonics NS
PHYSICS 346 Introduction to Methods and Concepts in Particle Physics NS, QS
PHYSICS 364L Advanced Experimental Physics NS
PHYSICS 365L Advanced Experimental Physics NS
PHYSICS 465 Quantum Mechanics II NS, QS
PHYSICS 491 Independent Study: Advanced Topics
PHYSICS 493 Research Independent Study R
PHYSICS 495 Thesis Independent Study R, W
PHYSICS 513 Nonlinear Dynamics R, NS, QS
PHYSICS 522 Special and General Relativity NS, QS
PHYSICS 563 Introduction to Statistical Mechanics NS, QS
PHYSICS 566 Computational Physics NS, QS
PHYSICS 590 Selected Topics in Theoretical Physics