GSO Leadership

2023-24 GSO Leadership Board

  • President: Gregory Matousek
  • Vice President: Marson Copeland
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Maria Acevedo
  • 1st Year Reps: Nick Walton and Yi Wang
  • 2nd Year Rep: Plato Deliyannis
  • 3rd Year Rep: Julie Campos
  • 4th Year Reps: Johnny Chiles & Matthew McEneaney
  • 5th Year Rep: Jordan McCourt
  • 6th + Year Rep: Matt Ennis

Members of the leadership board are elected by all graduate students in the middle of the summer and serve until the following year's election. The board meets monthly to discuss committee progress, plan for social activities and ensure all students are informed of current issues and concerns. The President oversees meetings, organizes volunteers for committee work and confirms that every leader and volunteer completes appropriate tasks. The Secretary/Treasurer records meeting minutes and manages the GSO budget. Each class cohort has a representative who is tasked with being the liaison between his/her class and the leadership board.

2023-24 GSO Committees:

  • Colloquium Committee: Matt Ennis, Chair Members choose the field of physics that will be represented along with the specific speakers and organize the lunches with the colloquium speakers. 
  • Curriculum Committee: Matt Ennis, Chair; Plato Deliyannis and Jordan McCourt Members serve with faculty, including the DGS. They are tasked with reviewing the graduate curriculum and make recommendations for change as necessary.
  • Duke Quantum Center (DQC): Julie Campos, Chair; Yingjia Lin Committee aims to cultivate an inclusive and cohesive  environment between students in the DQC and the Physics Department.
  • Graduate & Professional Student Government (GPSC) Representative: Drew Smith, Chair Student representatives serves as a liaison between the graduate school at the GSO Leadership Committee.
  • Election Commissioner: Marston Copeland, Chair This student oversees the GSO elections in the Spring and Fall (for incoming students). In addition, he/she administers the Graduate Student Survey.
  • Graduate Student Seminar Committee: Matthew McEneaney, Chair Members organize the graduate student seminars: recruitment of speakers, venue reservation and food order for complimentary lunch for all attendees.
  • Intramural Sports:  Erik Peterson, Chair
  • News/Web Committee: Gregory Matousek & Maria Acevedo Members work with administration to collect, maintain and improve departmental communications both on the website and in general. 
  • Recruitment Committee: Maria Acevedo, Chair; Gregory Matousek, Johnny Chiles and Marston Copeland Members work in conjunction with staff and faculty on the recruitment events in the Spring.
  • Social Activities Committee: Julie Campos, Chair; Gregory Matousek, Elise le Boulicaut, Marston Copeland and Plato Deliyannis Members coordinate and manage all social activities (Welcome Picnic, Tea Time, Cookie Time, S'mores and Cider, Thanksgiving Dinner, T-shirt Design Contest etc. etc.)
  • Graduate Representative to the Physics Conduct Accountability Committee: TBD
  • Outreach Committee: Natalie Jone, Chair; Marston Copeland, Elise le Boulicaut, Gregory Matousek, Plato Deliyannis and Jose Colon Rivera Members organize  and participate in various outreach activities (Also check PhysicsOutreach@Duke - separate GPSC group)
  • Professional Development Committee: Marston Copeland, Chair; Gregory Matousek
  • Undergraduate Outreach: Plato Deliyannis, Chair; Gregory Matousek, Maria Acevedo and Jordan McCourt Members organize events toward Duke undergraduates in coordination with the Duke SPS (Society of Physics Students)
  • Women in Physics: Rebecca Chen, Co-Chair; Katherine Parham, Co-Chair; Maria Acevedo Members organize events to provide a supportive community for women and gender minorities within the Physics Department and advocates for improvements in gender equity.