Graduate Electives

Number Title Codes
PHYSICS 501 Survey of Nonlinear and Complex Systems NS
PHYSICS 505 Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics NS, QS
PHYSICS 509 Quantum Nanophysics NS
PHYSICS 513 Nonlinear Dynamics R, NS, QS
PHYSICS 522 Special and General Relativity NS, QS
PHYSICS 562 Fundamentals of Electromagnetism QS
PHYSICS 563 Introduction to Statistical Mechanics NS, QS
PHYSICS 566 Computational Physics NS, QS
PHYSICS 590 Selected Topics in Theoretical Physics
PHYSICS 603 Representation Theory QS
PHYSICS 621 Advanced Optics QS
PHYSICS 622 General Relativity NS, QS
PHYSICS 627 Quantum Information Science NS, QS
PHYSICS 655 Astrophysics NS, QS
PHYSICS 671 Quantum Optics NS, QS
PHYSICS 721 Introduction to Accelerator Physics
PHYSICS 732 Advanced Quantum Optics
PHYSICS 745 Accelerator Physics for USPAS
PHYSICS 752S Seminar Techniques
PHYSICS 766S Physics Research Seminar
PHYSICS 771 Mini-Course on Current Research in Physics
PHYSICS 772 Mini-Course on Methods for Physics Research
PHYSICS 781 Quantum Field Theory
PHYSICS 782 Advanced Quantum Field Theory
PHYSICS 804 Advanced Topics in Statistical Mechanics
PHYSICS 806 Radiation Detection
PHYSICS 808 Introduction to High-Energy Physics
PHYSICS 810 Advanced Solid-State Physics
PHYSICS 813 Advanced Topics in Nonlinear and Complex Systems
PHYSICS 814 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
PHYSICS 816 Advanced Quantum Mechanics II
PHYSICS 846 Topics in Theoretical Physics
PHYSICS 861S Physics of Free-Electron Lasers
PHYSICS 995 Graduate Training Internship