Criteria For Good Standing

The Graduate School and the Physics Department have policies that govern students based on their status of “Good Standing.” A student in Good Standing must satisfy ALL the requirements listed below:

  • R1. Students are required to follow the standards of conduct of the Physics Department, the standards of academic integrity of the Physics Department, as well as those described in the Graduate School student handbook.
  • R2. Students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in their coursework AND a minimum grade of B- in each course.
  • R3. While being supported as a teaching assistant, students are required to perform their teaching assistant duties satisfactorily.
  • R4. For the first summer term and ALL terms starting their second summer, students are required to have at least one Physics faculty member acting for them as a research advisor (or a co-Advisor when the primary advisor is from another department).
  • R5. Students are required to complete their Preliminary Exam before the end of the sixth semester.
  • R6. Students are required to demonstrate that they continue to make clear and well defined progress towards a Ph.D. degree as determined by their advisor in consultation with the student’s Prelim Committee or Thesis Committee if it has been formally approved.
  • R7. Students are required to submit a complete and satisfactory Annual Report every year beyond their first academic year before the deadline of March 31.

Remaining in Good Standing

In most cases, a student who loses Good Standing will receive a written notice from either the Physics Department Director of Graduate Studies or the Dean of the Graduate School, along with instructions for how to regain Good Standing. The specific terms and duration of the probation will depend on the circumstances.

In cases where R4 results in a loss of Good Standing because an advisor steps down, the student will be responsible for finding a new advisor within four months. The Department will assist in the process. Good Standing will be regained when a new faculty member agrees to act as the student's advisor.