Computing at Physics

The Physics Department maintains a variety of computer systems and the networking infrastructure that connects them. Inside the department and the associated research groups there are over 500 computer systems in use in day-to-day and research-oriented tasks.


Some useful hints and documentation of system resources including e-mail lists, IT support contacts and how-to guides on using the computer systems in the department are available at the documentation web page.

Computing Policy

The Physics Computing Committee has developed a computing resources policy. This policy outlines the support and use guidelines for the department.


Access physics email via the web


E-mail is the preferred method for submitting requests for help or information. The use of email allows the system support staff to respond to requests without interruption of ongoing work. Email also allows us to track response time to requests, and provide a database of problem areas that need to be addressed.


 This address should be used for most questions concerning computer systems in Physics, from login problems to software requests. Please do NOT send e-mail directly to administrators' e-mail addresses -- when you send e-mail to "problem" it helps us keep track of the request queue and makes sure that the problem gets addressed even if one of the administrators is away.


  This address should be used when sending messages relating to the department Website, especially concerning links, content and errors. Pages maintained by individuals or groups should have a separate email address where messages should be directed to.

In cases of emergencies, please contact one of the system support staff by telephone.