General Physics I


First part of a two-semester calculus-based course for students in health or life sciences. Core topics: kinematics, dynamics, systems of particles, conservation laws, statics, fluids, oscillations, waves. Other possible topics: sound, diffusion, thermodynamics, selected applications. For credit, enrollment in Physics 141LA lecture, lab and discussion sections required. Physics majors should enroll in Physics 161D/164L, 162D/165L in their first year. Not recommended for students with credit for Physics 151L, 152L, 161D. Recommended prerequisite: one year of college calculus such as Mathematics 105L, 106L, 21. Mathematics 122 recommended. Open only to students in the Duke Marine Lab. Taught in Beaufort at Duke Marine Lab.
Curriculum Codes
  • NS
  • QS
Typically Offered
Fall Only