Graduate Placements

First Position for Duke Physics Ph.D. Program Graduates

chart of first positions of PhD grads
  • Academic Tenure Track: Higher education, tenured or tenure track positions
  • Academic Non-Tenure Track: Higher education non-tenure track positions, excluding administrative and staff positions
  • Post Docs: Post-docs and fellowships
  • Private: Private for profit enterprises
  • Public: Federal, state, local government
  • Other: Higher education (administrative and staff positions only), all other non-profits, self employed, etc.
  • Unknown: We do not have placement information for these graduates

Career Outcomes

Ph.D.s from Class of 2015

  • Post Docs: Stanford, North Carolina  State University
  • Public: Fermilab (research scientist), Army Research Lab (research scientist)
  • Private: 8 Rivers Capital (research scientist)

Ph.D.s from Class of 2014

  • Post Docs: University of Glasgow, Ludwig Maximillian, MIT, Cal-Tech Jet Propulsion Lab, Riken
  • Public: Lawrence Berkeley National lab
  • Private: JP Morgan Chase, Exelon (quantitative associate), Siemens Ltd., Carestream Health, Inc. (senior research scientist), Google

Ph.D.s from Class of 2013

  • Post Docs: University of Sydney, MIT, Yale University, Duke, Delft University of Technology
  • Private: JP Morgan (analyst), Akamai Technologies (financial software developer), Groupon, Merck Research Laboratories, Regions Financial Corporation, Ericsson (senior software engineer)

Ph.D.s from Class of 2012

  • Academic: Duke (research scientist), TUNL, Colorado School of Mines (associate professor)
  • Post Docs: University of Tokyo, Penn State University, Duke, University of Pennsylvania
  • Public: Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Private: Akamai Technologies, CGG (senior imaging geophysicist), Intel (research scientist), UNIPEC America (quantitative analyst)

Ph.D.s from the Class of 2011

  • Academic: University of Texas
  • Private: Microsoft (postdoc), BlackRock Financial Services (financial advisor)

Ph.D. from the Class of 2010

  • Academic: Kuweit University (assistant professor)
  • Post Docs: North Carolina State University, Lund University
  • Public: Los Alamos National Laboratory (postdoc), Brookhaven National Laboratory (research scientist), Army Research Laboratories-Aberdeen Proving Grounds (research scientist)
  • Private: BlackRock, Inc. (mortgage analyst), Trivest Advisors (investment equity), Siemens Corporation (senior scientist), National Security Technologies (analyst), Goldman Sachs (associate)

Ph.D.s from the Class of 2009

  • Academic: Capital Normal University-Beijing (faculty)
  • Public: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (post doc), U.S. Army Aviation & Missile (research physicist), U.S. Government
  • Private: Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. (research scientist), Kymeta

Ph.D.s from the Class of 2008

  • Academic: Loyola University (lecturer), University of Maryland-College Park (research scientist), Pacific University (assistant professor), Texas Christian University (assistant professor)
  • Post Docs: German Aerospace Center
  • Public: Brookhaven National Laboratory (staff scientist), U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
  • Private: Biodesy (post doc)
  • Other: self employed

Ph.D.s from the Class of 2007

  • Academic: Associate Professor, Coastal Carolina University; Research Scientist, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Research Scientist, Yale University.
  • Post Docs: University of California-Santa Barbara, Florida State University, Duke University, University of California, Riverside, City College, NY.
  • Public: Staff Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Private: Software Engineer, Procured Health.

Ph.D.s from the Class of 2006

  • Academic: Staff Scientist, Stanford Linear Accelerator; Associate Professor, National Taiwan Normal University; Visting Scholar, Carnegie-Mellon; Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Associate Professor, University of Kentucky; Assistant Professor, Hanabat National University; Assistant Professor, Hanbat National University, Korea; Research Associate, Stanford University; Clinical Professor of Mathematics, New York University; Assistant Professor, California Lutheran University.
  • Post Docs: University of California, Santa Barbara, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Duke University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Max Planck Institute in Germany, University of Arizona, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bern University, Switzerland, FERMI Laboratory, University of Toronto, Canada, Carnegie Mellon, University of Leiden, Californiat State University, Northridge, University of California, Irvine, University of California, Berkley.
  • PublicResearch Director, Margolis Center for Health Policy; Program Officer, Institute of Medicine; Congressional Fellow, SPIE; Scientist, Idaho National Laboratory; Physical Scientist & Physicist, US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Private: Research Scientist, Samsung Corporation; Software Engineer, Avant Corporation Taipei,  Vice President of Business Development, Nonin Medical; Manager, Implementation Services, Simcorp; Scientist, Xerox; Software Engineer, Bright Cove; Principal Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline; Quantitative Financial Analyst, Deutsche Bank; Atomic Molecular Optical Scientist, Daper Laboratory; Application Architect, IBM; Project Manager, STFC; Accelerator Physicist, Diamond Light Source;

Ph.D.s from the Class of 2005

  • Academic: Professor of Physics, Sungkyun Kwan University, South Korea; Assistant Professor, Tohoku University, Japan; Assistant Professor, James Madison University; Principal Investigator, University of Cambridge, UK; Research Scientist, New York University.
  • Post Docs: Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, California Institute of Technology, Max Planck Institute, Germany,  University of Chicago.
  • Private: Synopsis.
  • Other: Entrepreneur, Vorojtsov Inc., Canada.