Applications of Physics: A Modern Perspective


Intended principally for students in engineering and the physical sciences as a continuation of Physics 152L. Topics include: mechanics from a microscopic perspective, the atomic nature of matter, energy, energy quantization, entropy, the kinetic theory of gases, the efficiency of engines, electromagnetic radiation, the photon nature of light, physical optics and interference, waves and particles, applications of wave mechanics. For credit, enrollment in Physics 153L, lab and discussion (Physics 153L9, 153D) sections required. Prerequisite: Physics 26, 142L, 152L, or 162D and Mathematics 212, or permission of instructor.


Prerequisite: MATH 212 and one of PHYSICS 26, 142L, 152L, or 162D, or permission of instructor

Curriculum Codes
  • NS
  • QS
Typically Offered
Spring Only