Experimental Methods in Condensed Matter Physics


This course targets graduate and advanced undergraduate students seeking a comprehensive exploration of experimental methodologies in condensed matter physics. The methodologies covered encompass key techniques like diffraction, microscopy, and spectroscopy, all of which play pivotal roles in unraveling phenomena at the microscopic level. The course begins by providing foundational insights into the scientific principles underpinning each technique. It then proceeds to present contemporary instruments and tools employed in these experimental approaches. Real-world applications are showcased to underscore the practical significance and efficacy of the discussed methodologies. Recommended prerequisite: Although specific prerequisites are not mandatory for enrollment, prospective participants are advised to possess a solid academic foundation acquired through prior completion of an undergraduate program. Familiarity with concepts such as electromagnetism, optics, classical wave theory, and quantum mechanics is highly beneficial, enabling students to derive maximum benefit from the course content.
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  • NS
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