Alum Miller Featured on #BlackInAstro

Katrina Miller

Alum Katrina Miller ('16) is currently a PhD student at the University of Chicago and was featured as part of the #BlackInAstro series on Astrobites during Black In Physics Week. Read Miller's interview here.

From Miller's Duke Physics advisor Prof. Phil Barbeau: "I met Katrina in her Physics 152 class, and more than any of the other 300 students in that class, she was the one who most clearly thought about Physics the way I do. Katrina is right that it can be scary to think about what it takes to do research without someone to guide you, and seeking out mentorship is the key to overcoming it. We are all very proud of her accomplishments."

Katrina participated in multiple projects while at Duke. This included deploying neutrino detectors as part of the COHERENT experiment at Oak Ridge National Lab, for which one of our results was promoted on the cover of Science Magazine. She also worked to develop some novel ideas to improve time-projection chambers for use with neutrino and dark matter searches—which she is now putting into practice on the MicroBooNE experiment.