Congratulations to three Duke Physics recipients of the NSF Graduate Fellowship in 2021!

NSF Fellowships 2021
From left to right: Katherine Parham, Jameson Patrick O'Reilly, Marston Copeland

Congratulations to three winners of the prestigious National Science Foundation's Graduate Fellowship competition in 2021. They are: Katherine Parham, a current second year student working on proton spin structure with Prof. Anselm Vossen Jameson Patrick O'Reilly, a second year transfer from the University of Maryland who will be joining us in Fall 2021, working on entanglement in quantum networks with Prof. Christopher Monroe; and Marston Copeland, who is completing his undergraduate degree at Clemson University and will be joining the department in Fall 2021 as a first-year student with plans to work in theoretical nuclear and particle physics. In addition, two of our current second year students received honorable mention: Rebecca Chen and Austin Hulse. Congratulations to all for this great recognition of your past accomplishments and research plans for the future!