Grad Student Yuly and Group Award D-SIGN Grant

Jonathan Yuly

The Office of the Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies has awarded Duke Support for Interdisciplinary Graduate Networks (D-SIGN) grants to two graduate student groups for 2019-2020. Our own graduate student Jonathan Yuly is a part of the Triangle Molecular Simulation Societ, mentored by Prof. David Beratan.

From the Interdisciplinary Studies' website: Molecular simulation is a staple of research for a number of disciplines in the natural sciences. Simulation techniques drive new research questions, automate molecular design, interpret experimental results, and create educational materials. Molecular simulation is routinely used to support efforts in drug discovery as well as energy sciences, both of which surround important societal problems that may characterize the 21st century. The core students of this D-SIGN grant aim to kickstart an interdisciplinary and cross-school network of students, researchers, enthusiasts, and members of industry interested in the methods and applications of molecular simulation. This network will eventually nurture research collaboration, support, and community within the Triangle area.

Congratulations to both groups on this honor! Read the full news release here.