Graduate Student Spotlight - Gregory Matousek

Gregory Matousek smiles at the camera. He is wearing a navy T-shirt and a flannel shirt. Far behind him, we can see the outline of two other students.
Gregory Matousek is a 3rd year graduate student in Physics.

Quick Facts:

3rd year 

GSO President 

Research Area: Nuclear Physics 

Fun Facts: If he was a kitchen appliance Greg would be a Freezer. He is currently watching House of the Dragon.

Greg was born and raised on Long Island. He became interested in physics due to an AP Chemistry scheduling conflict and went on to graduate from Stony Brook. He has 2 sisters, one married in Kentucky who started her own LLC to sell her garden goods at the farmer's market, and the other in their senior year of college for business. His older brother, Thomas, is a phenomenal artist.

Currently, Greg is preparing for his prelim exam, where he will showcase his analysis results from the Run Group A dataset taken in 2018/2019 at Jefferson Lab. He will be hosting a GSS talk later this year.

Despite living on Long Island for 21 years, Greg is happy to call the Triangle home. Whether it is seeing dogs at the breweries, meeting friends Downtown, or just strolling around the physics building talking to people he sees, he is "very happy that he chose Duke".