Graduate student spotlight: Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson smiles at the camera
Erik Peterson is a 4th year graduate student. 

Year: 4th Year

Role in GSO: 4th Year Rep

Research Area: Cosmology

Fun Facts: Erik is currently watching The Office and his childhood dream job was to be an Astronaut.

Erik’s hometown is Lakewood, WA, and his alma mater is Notre Dame. Some of the highlights of his time at Duke are soaking up the omnipresent Duke Basketball hype and getting delicious tacos from La Vaquita. You should ask him about his time TA-ing for the Physics of Sports class — the students loved it as much as he did! Erik is fluent in English and Spanish and is a middle child of 3 (excluding the beloved family cat Ollie). Find Erik to learn which of these statements are his two truths and one lie:

I have been nationally ranked in paintballing. I've been scuba diving in Easter Island. I have never gotten a hole in one in golf.